Digital Marketing Expert-Generalist

Working with small business owners to understand how a brand can be authentic and profitable while creating processes and organizing teams that are ready for scale. 

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Email Marketing

  • Grow and nurture an email list.
  • Create automation and funnels.
  • Integrate with eCommerce.

Whether you're using Klaviyo, Drip, ConvertKit, Feedblitz, Mailchimp or (fill in the blank), I got you covered on email automation, funnel creation and CMS or eCommerce integration and setup!

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Facebook Ads

  • Grow your email list.
  • Gain exposure for your brand.
  • Sell more products.

Targeting the exact demographic for your brand is key to running profitable Facebook ads! My goal is to get maximum sales for the lowest ad spend possible!

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eCommerce Strategy

  • Identify potential products.
  • Amazon FBA seller guidance.
  • eCommerce store setup.

Determine the exact products your existing audience will buy or assisting with current eCommerce store strategy takes some time but the profit can be very rewarding!

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Sales Pages

  • Create captivating sales pages.
  • Get traffic to your site and on your list.
  • Discover the behavior of visitors.

You don't need additional software to create sales pages. We can create sales pages that convert to get the right audience on your list or to buy your product!

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Facebook Bots

  • Facebook bot strategy.
  • Grow your messenger list.
  • Integrate bots with your email list.

Facebook bots are powerful and truly how consumers want to communicate with brands. Facebook ultimately owns the direct line to those consumers. Let's chat about a strategy to get those messenger fans to YOUR list!

Marking The Calendar

General Consultation

  • Quick content calendar creation tips.
  • SEO and analytics strategies.
  • Pick my brain on digital marketing topics.

Having been online for over a decade, I have learned just about every topic required to run an online business. Let me know what you need help with!

How Can I Help You?

Savings Lifestyle™

Created in 2008, Savings Lifestyle is a personal finance blog focused on helping people “save on what you need so you can spend on what you want.” With practical savings tips, Savings Lifestyle has helped readers save hundreds of thousands of dollars!


In 2016, utensi was “born” as a desire to learn something new by creating an ecommerce brand. Several years, and thousands of products sold with a 5-star review on Amazon (by hundreds of happy customers) later, utensi is a household products brand with plans to continue creating innovative products that serve its customers.

Sideline Warrior™

As a sports mom, there was a gap in the apparel & accessories niche representing our boys' sports interests. Sideline Warrior was created in 2017 as a passion project to provide unique designs for sports moms, dads, grandparents, aunts and more! It has has since met the need for hundreds of satisfied customers.

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