Create Simple Messenger Funnels

…in less than 2 HOURS!

What if…

  • You could 5X your email list?
  • You could increase your average order value by 40%?
  • You create authentic relationships even with the help of a bot and automation?

For the past 6 years, messenger funnels (aka, bots) have been a key tool in my strategy to acquire email subscribers. These funnels are designed to grow your email list by using organic social media posts. BUT, the best part? These subscribers become interested buyers!

A current client has not only GROWN their email list, but these subscribers are buying MORE than the average customer. YES!

There is a 37% INCREASE in the average order value from a subscriber that enters the funnel through a messenger flow. Not only that, these subscribers continue to remain engaged since they are opting into the messenger list requests too!

Bottom line: creating automation with messenger funnels is a no brainer if you want to…

1) increase your email list and
2) generate more revenue when you
3) serve your audience RIGHT where they are!

BUT, there is a formula AND a tool that really make these magical results possible…

I'm Andrea, and I'm in the trenches just like you!

Andrea Deckard, Online Business Strategist

Over the past 15 years, I've had to learn and DO just about every task required to create and scale my businesses.

I created the Messenger Growth Framework because I believe that automation is KEY to getting more results with a small team and limited amounts of time.

I've systemized these processes in my role as a fractional CMO and COO. Going from 0 to 8-figures in 3 years time with a lean team was crazy! When a business is scaling, automation is crucial – you simply can't afford NOT to use automation.

By adding automation, and tools like ManyChat as an “employee” in the business, experienced team members are able to better serve customers in a cost-effective manner.

It's a win-win for everyone!

Messenger Growth Framework

$99 $149

This framework has been used to add 100,000+ new subscribers and counting that have driven hundreds of thousands in revenue from those email subscribers!

  • 12 Modules with video lessons to guide you through setting up your own automated messaging framework in ManyChat for Facebook™ and Instagram™.
  • Done-for-you templates for ManyChat, Make and Zapier so you can begin to grow your list immediately.
  • Insider tips and tricks for optimizing your marketing funnels to achieve maximum results.
  • Bonus lessons for you to amplify your posts on social using ManyChat using Facebook™ and Instagram™ ads.

When You Enroll in the Messenger Growth Framework and Add Automation

You can skyrocket your email list by using this exact framework! You can get there faster by using the paid traffic bonus included in the course, but that's not required to achieve crazy email list growth.

Whether you have your own product or you are promoting offers from affiliate partners, you can identify attributed revenue as a result of your ManyChat automation. You will learn how to use UTM parameters so your data dive shows you the conversions clearly.

Your published posts on Facebook™ and Instagram™ will request that people engage by commenting in order to receive your offer. There are a few other things I'll show you inside the course that make your posts look even more engaging AND make the algorithm happy!

When you're running paid traffic, the goal is to stop the scroll. When someone unfamiliar with your brand sees a post with a high number of comments that is social proof gold! It's much easier to “sell” to “cold traffic” when they don't have to second guess if your brand or offer is legit.

You may think that creating these bots require some sort of technical wizardry or years of experience with ManyChat, but I'm happy to share that's not the case!

In this course, I've made it my mission to teach you everything you need to know, step-by-step, so you can hit the ground running with your automation.

You don't need any special skills, experience, or a degree in computer science to make these bots work for you. All you need is a willingness to learn and a desire to see the same growth for yourself!

📍Get These Bonuses!

You'll receive several bonuses with the Messenger Growth Framework!


Learn how to create flows, but these templates only require one-click to install and start immediately.


Quickly transfer emails from your ManyChat account to your email provider with these templates.


Learn how to create an engagement ad to amplify your ManyChat published posts.


Learn how to create a lead ad as another way to acquire low-cost leads for your business.

Why are you just *now* sharing this, Andrea?

I have seen the impact of messenger automation on businesses. When setup correctly for *both* Facebook™ and Instagram™, revenue and engagement increases.

This course is my way to scale my impact for businesses like yours. My WHY is to help MORE people achieve greater financial success in their business.

If you want to learn how you can use messenger funnel automation to drive similar results for your business, the Messenger Growth Framework is your solution.