Never in my wildest dreams

…would I have imagined that this would be the career I have enjoyed for the past decade! If you need help creating, growing, or optimizing your business, let’s chat today!



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5 Best Practices for Brick & Mortar Businesses to Increase Customer Engagement and Sales

Best practices for brick & mortar businesses to increase customer engagement and sales! The current pandemic is putting many small business owners with a brick & mortar location in a tough place. So many rely on foot traffic to their locations to pay the bills. However, if you are a small business owner with a…

Wife, Mom, Entrepreneur

Hey there, I’m Andrea. I left the corporate “rise and grind” several years ago for the most challenging role of my life: stay-at-home-mom! That resulted in a blog and this accidental entrepreneur gig. I have learned so much since starting in 2008.

As a blogger and ecommerce store owner, I also partner with businesses as a fractional CMO and COO. I’ve helped e-commerce brands scale from 0 to 8-figures through cold customer acquisition and leveraging paid traffic while ensuring operational efficiencies are in place for continued growth.

I feel so fortunate to do meaningful work everyday that is challenging and fulfilling, all while never missing our boys’ activities.